2d animation studio

2D animation is a quick display of the image series that are viewed one by one in a very fast manner. It creates an illusion of moving images. Our professional animators make animations for brands, movies, games, e-learning sites and other.

2D Design has helped to simulate movements and actions that provide the user a realistic experience. The present size of the animation industry is about at US$ 247 million and expected to be developed at 15-20% per annum. The industry of Indian animation employs more than 80,000 people. The outsourcing cost of 2D animation work to India is approximately US$ 71,000. More thanĀ  650 animation studios are available in India situated in cities such as Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

We have a complete team of talented and experienced designers, illustrators and animators to produce a variety of animated work from 2D animation videos. Our company creates animation for a broad range of applications such as TV commercials, product demos, educational presentations, short stories, entertainment, etc. Our creative and innovative team produces an exciting and unique theme of animations that stay visitors interested.

We are well quipped 2D animation studio with all the advanced facilities and tools to develop superb standard animated short commercial films for the global marketplace. Our company has the experience and expertise people to create the most amusing and original animations. that make you compliment us, while sharing the complete entertainment!!!

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