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Knowing Your Product/Service

We begin the process of creating your custom video with a detailed study about your business. Now, how do we do that? Simple, just by getting you answer a few easy questions about your company. Our questionnaire tries to not only know about your products and service but also about your idea for your video.


Next, after questionnaire, comes the step of drafting the script for your custom video. The object here is to give a shape to your video in order to make it communicate to your audience with élan and ease. The length of your video depends upon the length of the script of your video. We also allow you to give us feedback on our drafted script, or alternatively, you can yourself draft your script.


Voiceover is important to give a natural feel to your video. You can choose from our galaxy of male and female VO artists having varied accents with modulation skills. The voice over is done in a professional studio, so that what you hear is crisp and clear. What’s more, we help you in identifying the best fit for your video!

Character Design and Storyboard

After the completion of script and soundtrack, such characters and objects are created which will feature in your video. We will also define their placement and appearance in your video, and afterwards send them for your approval. After you approve them, a visual storyboard is created. A storyboard lets you visualize the content of each frame of your video. Each frame will be descriptive enough to let you know what all will be there in that particular scene.

Graphics & Animation

Now comes the most crucial part of your video—putting everything together. Our animators will play their role in animating your video alongside accompanying voice over and background music. You are also allowed to make revisions to better on the created draft.


Here comes the final stage of delivering you your video for a review. After your review and concluding touches thereafter, your video gets delivered to you in the desired file format. Your video is now ready to create a renewed interest for your product and services in your audience.